PRUVENTURE is an Entrepreneurship Program which exclusively held by PRUDENTIAL Indonesia.

The purpose of PRUVENTURE is to create Young Professionals who focused in Finance area, and to be Prudential Partners as Leaders and Agency Owners. Through the 12 months of exclusive training, PRUVENTURE has the complete package of Leadership, Finance, Sales Marketing, Self-Development, and Social Media Management.

GPS United as the no #1 Agency in Prudential Indonesia, get the privilege to hold the recruitment process of PRUVENTURE candidates. We search the qualify candidates from any major. GPS United has been created success PRUVENTURE members until now and it would be increased. We also held training, mentoring and personal coaching as additional.


PRUVENTURE members will have a certain Career Path, every month Allowance during the program, commission and bonus, Travelling reward, and International Achievement.

Through PRUVENTURE program, you will have an opportunity to make your DREAMS come true, INCOME OPPORTUNITY until hundred million rupiahs every month and every year ACHIEVEMENT. So, if you look at “the right vehicle” to achieve your DREAMS, join us with PRUVENTURE through GPS United.


GPS United has proved that most of our PRUVENTURE members get the best achievement in every month.

GPS United consist of experience Leaders of various field, with a lot of achievement (both of Prudential Indonesia and International achievement). We always become the best trainer, could make the best duplication of SKILL and KNOWLEDGE to all GPS United members.

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