Who We Are

Established in 2014, PT Generasi Pasti Sukses or best known as GPS United has been the largest life insurance agency in Indonesia. As an exclusive partner of PT Prudential Life Assurance, in 2019 GPS United has accomplished to become the number one agency in Prudential all over Indonesia. GPS United provides professional insurance consulting services with compassion because we believe insurance is a substantial element of your financial planning for a better future.

           To this day, there are more than 3000 GPS United registered agents comprise of insurance advisor and leader with one head office in Jakarta and several satellite offices in Bandung, Padang, Semarang, and Lampung. Our insurance advisors who are scattered all over Indonesia have been very well trained with a financial planning program to help clients. We realized public awareness in financial management still needs to be better acknowledged by the public. We also have success and proven training programs for millennials who are interested to have a business career in insurance and financial sector.

           Aside from our professional activities, as a company focused on the development of the young generation’s success, we have a millennial community. Through lifeatgps, we support each other and share positivity at all times. Lifeatgps routinely hold exciting and fun events which give some value added to our member. Nowadays, we already have several development communities such as public speaking and stock communities as well as sports communities such as cycling, running, and badminton communities. As a growth community, we have continued the development of other communities.

           With our value “Grow with Passion to Build Great People”, we engage millennials who are passionate to grow and develop their soul of business with GPS United. Throughout the years, we have succeeded to score independently successful individuals in the insurance sector by way of our training, development, and mentoring programs. The key to our success achievement is we are principled that people and business development are the core of everything.

Our Council Member


Paula Yuana